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A Building may have combination of minor and major defects. This magnitude of defects depends on the direction where the defects occur and the multiplicity increases. Generally north east and south west corners are considered to be the most important orientations in vastu. As per the vastu, north east is like the receiving hands. It is the magic corner of the house. It is considered that luck enters a dwelling unit through north east, if open and remains in side the premises if south west is closed, solid and packed. If south west is open, luck would take an exit from there.

Therefore flaws in northeast and southwest can be treated as major defects.

Defects and their effects : The below mentioned effects do not prove to be satisfactory in every case. The effects might differ as every case is different in it self. Just by viewing a part of the building, conclusion can not be drawn. Although the external set up of many buildings might be same but the internal set up changes the perceptive for the residents. The below mentioned effect is an analysis from common reading and does not prove to be law.

Effects of Northeast Defects

  1. Family Dispute.
  2. Business Dispute.
  3. Divorce Case.
  4. Childern behavior.
  5. Freqent Surgery.
  6. Accidents.
  7. Too much expenditure.
  8. Un curable diseases.
  9. Blockage of funds.
  10. Legal Disputes.
  11. Rejection of business orders.

Effects of Southwest defects

  1. Delay in marriage.
  2. Too much expenditure.
  3. Bad habits.
  4. Theft of money.
  5. No respect.
  6. Bad relation between husband and life.
  7. No promotion.
  8. Cheated by employees.

Effects of South east defects

  1. Fear of theft.
  2. Fear of fire.
  3. Bad health.
  4. No good ceremony in the house.
  5. Bad relation between husband and wife.
  6. No piece of mind for ladies.

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