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Dr.Anoop Kumar Jaiswal is Numerologist. Numerology is referred as the study of numbers, while electing figures as per one’s date of birth. It determines the effects and influence on the lives of a person. This since has been existing since mathematics came into evolution. And, it achieved prominence in the early 90’s.

Ever since the beginning of human civilization, numbers have witnessed a great fascination by one and all. Over the years, the interest of humans has increased and it has become more than an object of mathematics which is used in counting and measuring. Now, numbers have evolved as a tool to predict what you are as a person and your future. The science of using numbers with logical mathematical calculations to derive future is known as Numerology.

Numerology is a belief in the divine and mystical relationship between numbers. It is the study of numerical values of letters in words, names and ideas, as every alphabet has a number associated with it.

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